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When your mobility is compromised, it’s essential that you find a wheelchair that gives you the confidence to get about comfortably and conveniently. Elite Mobility are here to help you find the perfect wheelchair for your needs – and at the right price too.
Our significant buying power allows us to buy large quantities and pass on the cost savings directly to you. We can provide finance to help you with your purchase as well as a range of quality second-hand wheelchairs with a full warranty.


Ergo Lite 2 Self Propel and Transit
The Ergo Lite 2 from Karma Mobility is one of the most lightweight wheelchairs that you’ll find throughout our range. It is highly practical and comes with the well-loved S-Ergo seating system that provides pressure relief, reducing the chances of the user sliding down the seat. The lightness of this wheelchair in no way affects the stability or reliability of it and it has some of the most innovative features included. The chair features detachable footrest hangers, an Aegis microbe shield, fixed arm rests, stylish upholstery, a folding frame and half folding back rest for easy transportation.


Ergo 115 Self Propel and Transit
The lightweight Ergo 115 transit wheelchair from Karma Mobility will make sure any user is sat comfortably & safely. Our patented S-Ergo shaped seating system will allow pressure to be redistributed and help the user to stay in position instead of sliding down the seat, and is pressure mapped for the best possible shape. The upholstery is treated with Aegis microbe shield and acts as an anti-bacterial shield for improved hygiene. It is also easily detachable for your benefit and you can choose your own style with a range of different upholstery colours, including Silver, Red, and Black.


Ergo 125 Self Propel and Transit
The Ergo 125 wheelchair is one of our more popular models, a dream to use because of its lightweight aircraft aluminium frame that can be collapsed, and built with a double cross brace system that only adds to its strength and durability. With its sleek, stylish & unique design, the innovative features of this chair will have you impressed in no time. Standard features include the Ergo seating system, flip back armrests, detachable upholstery for easy cleaning and quick release wheels, along with slowing brakes. You won’t be disappointed in this safe, reliable model.


Ergo Live
The Ergo Live wheelchair is an innovative mobility product brought to you by Karma Mobility. Its lightweight design is intended for optimum comfort and performance and allows the user to easily manage it on a day to day basis. When complete the chair weighs just 13kg but can be stripped down to 8.5kg for transport and storage. The lightweight design combined with the folding frame and short wheelbase ensure that the Ergo Live really is the perfect wheelchair for users looking to maintain an active, independent lifestyle. The user will enjoy adjustments like the backrest which can be modified to either 85, 90 or 95 degrees and fantastic features like the optional S-Ergo seating system which allows users to sit in comfort without sliding.


VIP 515 Tilt in Space Self Propel and Transit
This is the VIP-515 wheelchair from Karma Mobility, a revolutionary piece of equipment from one of the leading companies in the mobility industry. It is lightweight and tilts in space, with tilt range of 0 to 35 degrees. Its aluminium frame allows the wheelchair to maintain stability by moving the centre of gravity, and is highly compact because the wheelchair is foldable for travelling or storage. Fantastic additional features include lumbar support, anti-tip leavers, height adjustable and an ergonomic headrest.


Bluebird Travel
Karma Mobility likes to think of everything when it comes to mobility equipment and the Bluebird Travel Chair is no exception. This fantastic wheelchair has been designed so that it can neatly fold into a small package for easy transportation or storage. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a travel chair; this chair comes with larger rear wheels, unlike most travel chairs, which makes it a much more comfortable ride for users, even outdoors. Additional features of this chair include a handy storage bag and flip back armrests.


Bluebird Transport
An affordable lightweight occasional use transport chair. The Soma ‘Bluebird’ will take you where you need to go with the minimum of fuss. It folds quickly and easily for transportation and storage and weighs just 11kg (24lbs) complete.


Advantage HD Self Propel and Transit
The Advantage HD wheelchair is an innovative & durable mobility product from Karma Mobility. It has been designed and built with the user in mind so that it could combine comfort with practicality and durability. Its lightweight aluminium frame is able to carry up to 23 and a half stone which makes it one of the best wheelchairs for holding 
heavier users. Other advantages include swing in and out footrest hangers and flip back detachable armrests.


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